Dec 24, 2010


Photography is, or should be, the exercise of searching, thinking, experimenting. Especially now that digital (and optical) technology is offering us daily improvements and goes beyond the limits we have suffered for years.
In my last visit to Phnom Penh last week, a short three days stay, I decided to play this vital game. With a Nikon D3S that can easily shoot at low light and a 24mm F1.4 lens I went around without no precise scope except keeping the maximum aperture on the lens, whenever possible.
I posted a short portfolio in Padplaces (for free download; if you don't have an iPad yet sorry, you'll have to wait for the next Apple OS).
I love technology when it gives you freedom of expression: we just have to be careful and not become slaves to it!
Also, still for free download of course, is the 2011 Calendar. You can use it for your iPad desktop in the size 1024x728. 

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