Jul 15, 2011


Version 2.1 of PadPlaces is now available on iTunes for download or update.

This update fixes some minor bugs detected in the version 2 released around a month ago.

Some useful notations:

If you update from version 1 or 1.1 please delete the app from your iPad before installing this new one. This is because the new features, including the preservation of each story intro page, are not compatible with the old application.
You'll need to download the previously downloaded stories again, without paying oo course.
If you update from version 2 you'll need to do nothing but just update through iTunes.

Downloading videos requires time, depending on your connection. Please do not interrupt the download until finished.

PadPlaces requires some memory to work smoothly. If you have too many Apps  running on your iPad background you may see some minor problem. Just close some running Apps and restart PadPlaces.

As usual your feedback will be welcomed. Thanks!

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