Mar 8, 2013


PadPlaces is the brand under which we are now publishing our E-Books.
Four titles are ready or will be available soon in Apple iBookstore® and Amazon Kindle Fire® formats.
For all of them we will have both English and Italian editions.

We are already in the process of major transformation to PadPlaces application so that you will be able to download these same book with the apps itself for a discounted price. This process will take around two months.

In the next days we'll start introducing the existing titles through this blog, the Facebook page and the PadPlaces website E-Books page that will be the main reference place for the status of various publications.

One important notice: the original Apple iBook® format is the only one supporting videos, slideshows and other additions. This means that you will not find the same interactivity in the Kindle® version that is not supporting these features. Also, some large publications will need to be separated in volumes on Kindle because of the size limits requested.

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