Mar 1, 2016

DECADE Ten Years In Asia - the new book

DECADE Ten Years In Asia, is the new book published by PadPlaces

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English and Italian editions
294 pages and photos, preface by Massimo Morello

The stories shot in the past decade around the continent, the most significant photos, the notes from Massimo Morello that wrote most of the words for magazines and books.

This is my introduction..

“As regards historical and philosophical richness, Asia is the only continent that can be comes close to Europe.”
“Asia is the only region that can be equated to America when we think about modernization, progress, and, unfortunately, globalization.”
“Asia can’t be compared to Europe, or America, or any other continent: the nations that constitute the most populated area on earth have such a strong charisma that even ruthless modernization cannot erase their identities.”

These were among the reasons why I decided to spend so much time in this part of the world.

My personal life quest is to travel in order to discover (and interpret through photography) human and environmental differences. After the ‘90s, when globalization had obliterated (or transformed, according to a more optimistic viewpoint) a great many cultural and ethnic characteristics, I felt this was the place where a newly humanized world was more vital, interesting, worth exploring.

The exploration was no longer geographical: it was rather a search in unforeseen places, in those hidden areas where character and contradictions attract the unexpected, the unpredictable.  The new future face of humanity.

After the first trip with Massimo in northwest Vietnam, a reportage for Geo shoot in 2005,  more stories surfaced, like a chain of ideas. These were countries I had visited for years, uncertain of how I felt as the changes were fast and surprising. In a short time the comings and goings gave way to a part time residency in Bangkok, the best place to live and commute.

Travel photography provided the groundwork for documentary research.

Asia is still the mosaic of cultures I consider challenging, and therefore the world’s most interesting.  But now is time to look at them in a different way—as part of the new modern society.

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