Jan 19, 2012


Ten stories from my less recent productions have been added to PadPlaces for free download. I feel is a contribution to create a wider image of my work.

Most of them appears in the Documentary section and are: American Rodeo, shoot in Tucson, Arizona, in 2005. Chungking Mansions, on the famous Hong Kong condo that has been defined the first ever global environment in the world. Sulukule, the now obliterated Gipsy Istanbul with in-house belly dancing. Ruili, the border city between China and Burma, with all the imaginable trafficking. The Burmese Refugees situation on the Thai border. Cambodia Casino, a two-border view of the gambling scene on the country no-man lands. The remotest region of Sertao, in Brazil. And finally the nice story of the Indian Merchants Diaspora: how the communities had  to leave their historic homes and palaces to face the global world.

In the Travel section you'll find the Mekong 4000 Islands story, in Laos, and Kiev, Ukraine.

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