Jun 14, 2012


The announced completion of BUSINESS CAPITALS OF ASIA series is now available with the release of 4 new stories: TAIPEI, SAIGON, MUMBAI and DELHI.

Also the ENGLAND COAST TO COAST WALK story has been released in the Travel section.

Jun 10, 2012


The BUSINESS CAPITALS OF ASIA project is now completed. Soon the stories on TAIPEI, SAIGON, MUMBAI and DELHI will be available in PadPlaces. The other cities, already available are KUALA LUMPUR, BANGKOK, JAKARTA, SHANGHAI, BEIJING, GUANGZHOU, HONG KONG, MANILA, SINGAPORE, SEOUL, TOKYO.

There is now a general selection, available for free download, that is just an intro to the project.

Jun 9, 2012


In 2001 I went for a journey that would change my life and my photography, at least for the following years. From Panama to the US border with only a Leica and a backpack, that was the idea: going back to the roots of travel and photography. Kind of a fresh start in my life and profession. And such it was.
In the following years I went back to travel reportage, with less digital manipulation that had influenced me in the end of the nineties.
Now, after over a decade, I feel it's time for another such a change and so here is the photographic tale of that trip: a reminder of what it takes to cut with the past and move ahead, on a long road ahead.

The photos are in two parts, both for free download.