Nov 26, 2016

SENZA CONFINI, the 2017 Epson Calendar

I'm honored to announce that I'm the author of SENZA CONFINI (Without Boundaries) the 2017 Epson Calendar.

The 12 calendar photos are available within PadPlaces app in the Photography section.

The book that includes the same 12 images plus those that didn't make it to the final selection is available, for FREE, in the Books section of the app.

Here is the presentation of the Calendar:

I'm honored to be the author of the 2017 Epson Calendar.
"Senza Confini" (Without Borders) will be presented next Monday in Milan. Images and more info at this link

The presentation follows..

“When I started taking photos, in the eighties, I was drawn to landscapes, to geographical photography. Ansel Adams, Mario Giacomelli and Ernst Haas were my main sources of inspiration. Ten years later, my work was so precisely focused that the editor-in-chief of Atlante characterized my photos as ‘the aestheticized aftermath of an N-bomb’, so devoid were they of any trace of human beings. But then in the mid-nineties I set off on the path of reportage and had to come to terms with a subject that demanded a certain personal maturity: people. So I was quite surprised ten years later when the editor of another newspaper admitted that he had not chosen me for a landscape project because I was ‘just a photographer of people who had never done a pure landscape’. What a radical change in the perception of my work! In geographical reportage, people and the environment actually go hand in hand.
Now the Epson Calendar project gives me the opportunity to go back and rummage through my archive with a fresh view and all the passions of my past. In ‘Senza Confini’ [Without Boundaries], the landscapes, created by fusing multiple images shot using the panoramic format of the Hasselblad XPan, focus on extreme geographical areas exposed to the full power of the elements where people have played only a marginal role. They indeed mark the edges of the anthropic world, with horizons leading to an elsewhere and skies that reveal our impotence before the ineffability of the infinite.”

Thus Andrea Pistolesi, photographer for the 2017 Epson Calendar, describes the essence of our choice of a landscape theme for our calendar; the landscape not just as a natural panorama pure and simple, but as a condition that opens onto boundless horizons. The panoramic format amplifies the sense of the infinite, the absence of boundaries – thus the title – evoked in the photos.

Bound entirely by hand in 800 numbered copies, the calendar is composed of 9,600 original photographs produced using Epson printers, paper and ink, painstakingly mounted one by one. The panoramic format, used for the first time in one of our calendars, has represented a novel but exciting production challenge for us.

Prior to Andrea Pistolesi, other important names have accompanied us on this adventure: Giorgio Lotti, Franco Fontana, Mario De Biasi, Giovanni Gastel, Mimmo Jodice, Ferdinando Scianna, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Massimo Vitali, Vittorio Storaro, Gabriele Basilico, Maurizio Galimberti, Stefano Unterthiner, Luca Campigotto, Renato Marcialis and Francesco Radino.