Jan 28, 2017


A journey along the Atlantic Coast of Portugal, from Lisbon to Algarve, through the westernmost European wild landscape, is a story now available for FREE in PadPlaces.

In October the autumn weather offers a stormy light that underlines the roughness of the environment still opens to a warm sun and reveals the beauty of this land.

Jan 21, 2017


A fresh view to a Morocco that is changing, yes, but keeps it's colors and costumes to attract visitors, comes out from these two stories with unusual freshness.

On one side is RABAT, a capital city whose center in part of the UNESCO World Heritage list thanks to the modern architecture, that keeps modernizing but preserves the Kasbha as an icon.

On the other extreme is the SOUK of MARRAKECH, a labyrinthic mosaic of colors, merchandise and craftwork. Lots of touristic paraphernalia yes, but also high quality products inspired by the global market.

Jan 14, 2017

LISBON published today / full story for free

The Lisbon story is being published today on D La Repubblica delle Donne. It's a very nice presentation on how this capital city is lively today.
In PadPlaces you will find the full photographic selection in the Reportage section, for FREE. Enjoy!

Jan 9, 2017

iMOSCOW new edition for FREE

The iMoscow photo gallery, an intense series of images shoot on different angles of this controversial capital city, is available for FREE in the photography section of the app.

Some of the images are also available as Prints in the Fine Art website
Enjoy it!

Jan 2, 2017


DECADE Ten Years In Asia

The beautiful hardcover edition is now available. The 294 pages, 23x23 cm format, sales worldwide for the equivalent of around 55$ through Pixalib.
All the other formats, paperback and E-Books are still available through the usual channels that you can find here.

This VIDEO shows all the images of the book, in the same sequence and with additional contents. Enjoy!