Feb 17, 2016

BUGIS Art Version

A new Art version of the BUGIS Seafarers is now available (fore FREE) in the Photography section of PadPlaces.
These are 48 photos taken from the original story, still available in the Reportage section of the App.

Feb 12, 2016


SAK YANT Magical Tattoo, the book, in now available in a new layout with Sayan tattoo images and a new text by Massimo Morello.

The book is also available in a beautiful printed paperback edition purchasable through Amazon.

This is a major update to the work that is, by the way, our best selling publication.

Both English and Italian versions are available.

Available as usual at a discounted price within PadPlaces app, the book is available in major on line stores. See the page of this blog on "where to find our books".

SAK YANT Tatuaggio Magico, il libro, è adesso disponibile in una nuova edizione con disegni dei maestri Sayan e un nuovo testo di Massimo Morello.

Il libro è anche disponibile in una bella edizione stampata.

Disponibile a un prezzo ridotto nei contenuti dell'applicazione PadPlaces, può essere acquistato presso i maggiori store on line. Per i link esatti visitate la pagina di questo blog "where to find our books".

Feb 8, 2016

LO MA and CHINESE OPERA stories updated

Two stories in PadPlaces, CHINESE OPERA IN BANGKOK, and LOMA GIRL OF THE MUAY THAI, have been updated with new and revised images.

If you had downloaded these stories we suggest you download them again to get the latest version.

And please update the app to the latest 4.3 update, and send us feedback on the functionality..

Feb 5, 2016


The update for PadPlaces app, version 4.3, is finally available on iTunes. This version is solving issues with iOS 9 and offers higher resolution images.

In a short time we will give you infos on new content and discounted stories.

A technical note: if you have issues in updating the app (such as seeing old menu images, a problem that may be caused by your device cache) we suggest to delete the old version and install the app as new. You might need to download the previously installed contents again but you will not need to pay, of course, and you will have the latest version.

And send us feedback if you encounter any problem. Thanks!