Dec 22, 2016

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Florence might be a nice surprise for those who think the city anchored to it's Renaissance past and flooded by mass-tourism. All of that is still there of course, but a major clean up and new even if sober, subdued novelties are making a visit worthwhile.
The city center is finally walk only in many historic parts, the tram line is providing connections from the city outskirts, new museums (like Opera del Duomo and Innocenti) make the bathing in art and history a real pleasure.

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Dec 16, 2016

SENZA CONFINI Il libro disponibile in tutti i formati (book available in all formats)

SENZA CONFINI La creazione del Calendario Epson 2017, è un libro ed è ora disponibile in tutti i formati.
The book on the creation of the 2017 Epson calendar is now available in all formats.

Il libro contiene le 12 foto del calendario più quelle che fino all'ultima selezione sono state candidate ma non ce l'hanno fatta.
The book contains the 12 calendar images plus those shortlisted that didn't make it.

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The book has an English translation for relevant texts.

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LOFOTEN & BUCHAREST New Updated Versions

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