Oct 26, 2013


PadPlaces is at it's 4th generation! To be accurate Version 4.0.1 has just been released on iTunes.

This is not the usual tech update (although it's correcting some issues related to the introduction of iOS7).
It follows a complete overhaul of the App, now offering stories with text in journalistic layouts, and complete E-Books, those published on iTunes Bookstore and Amazon Kindle but at a reduced price.
Books and stories are in both English and Italian version, when available.

With this version PadPlaces is widening it's journalistic scope, offering contents that go beyond a purely photographic message.

More stories and E-Books are in the final steps right now and will be released as soon as the V4 is settled on most of your devices worldwide.

The App structure remains the same, with four sections and browsers, but those are now named:
REPORTAGE includes complete photo galleries on major subjects, combining what was in the previous Documentary and Travel Sections.
PHOTOGRAPHY  includes photo essays.
STORIES includes text and photos stories, like a chapter of a book or a magazine spread. The writers are major International journalists.
BOOKS includes complete E-Books.

As usual we expect your precious feedback, also concerning the various tech issues that may arise from the now wide variety of iOS software versions and devices that support PadPlaces.